On procrastination and great photographs

October 3, 2011

I had a week to paint a 2′ x 3′ (61cm x 92cm or just say “life-size”) painting and that should have been incentive enough to action.


If it wasn’t something like the urgent (?) need to check my email, Face Book or respond to a move in Words with Friends, it was definitely time for “just a cup of tea” to get me going. Chocolate, perhaps? Hmmm, nothing in the cupboard; won’t take long to throw some cookies into the oven.

That sort of week.

In the end, I wasn’t really able to finish it, to my satisfaction.  I stayed up half the night turning it around in front of an open convection oven trying to dry it.

So, off goes little Evelyn to an exhibition.  But if I had been more diligent I would be much happier with the result.  I’m thankful that, since she’s in oils, I can finish her later.  You might say that I’ll have another chance to work on both her and procrastination.

We’re like oils in that way, a work in progress. Heading towards the image that the artist has in mind.  Sometimes there seems to be a glitch, a regression or “redo”, a time when nothing much is happening.  Then there’s a time for it to get made right.

my eldest granddaughter


I keep telling myself to stop trying to paint great photographs.  This one was. A great photo just can’t be improved upon, so you end up feeling just a little flat after attempting it.

Perhaps it’s this:  when I see a thing of beauty I just long to paint it, to somehow participate in its loveliness.  Note to self: many things of are gifts from God, meant to be enjoyed.  Just enjoyed; sometimes there is no need to respond by doing.


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