A Work in Progress

October 1, 2012

If you scroll down to this time last year, you’ll see “Amish Autumn” as it was then.

It often takes time for me to really see what needs to happen to a painting. Sometimes it takes a word or suggestion from a friend.

In this case, I initially imagined “Amish Autumn”as somewhat naive: colors clear and “pretty”, the background misty and very secondary to the children…and all a little impressionistic. Photo-realism can be lovely, but it’s not what I’m trying to achieve. We’ve spent time with these people in Lancaster County, and this is how I saw them. Simple. plain, uncomplicated.

But, in the end, the painting didn’t completely satisfy me. It didn’t seem a “whole”. The children didn’t seem to feel comfortable in their world. Background and fore- seemed out of joint.

A year later, a glaze of raw umber brought some harmony to the work.
We’re works in progress. Sometimes we don’t really “see” until a there’s been a passage of time, a few steps are taken to provide some distance, or the word of a friend comes to bring decisions, change and  resulting good.

Though we may have an idea of what we think the finished work should look like, the Artist, Whose work we are, has the advantage of both intimacy and distance, unerring perspective and purpose and is the friend who always brings harmony, even through the upheaval of change.

Amish Autumn with some changes made


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